Looking at how to deal with the challenges of autism the most effective way I have found is to understand and learn to accept the condition. Here, we are confronted with the first hurdle which is the question of the cause - the answer often leading to “we don’t know.... “ or “we think it is….” People look to find answers, apportion blame or escape from the reality of the life-long care that goes with a diagnosis such as autism. It continues to create high stress levels within the family. We look at the impact on our families and the social stigma but we forget the most important factor and that is the impact on the life of the individual with autism.

True acceptance goes beyond any other joy that one can experience - It offers strength, hope, courage and a deeper and more meaningful outlook on what some may see as a tragedy. It removes the pain of helplessness and offers a sense of purpose, driven by an endless wave of strength. We learn to understand why we stop functioning when all goes wrong and accept that life does not always turn out the way we expect it to turn out. A positive and purposeful view takes us through the challenges with a deep understanding of what we are to face.  We see the truth within ourselves and we find that inner strength to offer support to those whose lives would not be fulfilled without our involvement. “This is a pure and true purpose which bears no bound”

What does an autistic child teach us?
• Patience
• Looks can be deceptive
• Honesty and innocence
• To give love unconditionally
• To be grateful for small mercies
• To be understanding of others in distress
• To focus on priorities
• To find a hidden strength
• To sharpen your sense of awareness

Award winning author of "No Matter What" (Autism)
(Psychology / Mental health - Parenting / Family - Health general )