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Posted by Sandy Howarth on Thursday, February 17, 2011, In : TREATMENTS FOR AUTISM 

Choosing a suitable educational environment

Parents want what’s best for their children and struggle to give them the best. Whether it is in a mainstream environment, special needs school, or a home based programme the decision should be based on what is most suited to meet your child’s individual needs. The choice should be made based on the child’s ability, which should be determined according to the age and level of development. Needs may vary depending on mobility, co-ordination, ...

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Posted by Sandy Howarth on Saturday, August 21, 2010, In : SUPPORTING THE NEEDS OF FAMILIES WITH AUTISM 

The Challenges: Autism creates enormous and unexpected challenges to families faced with it - they tug in every direction to help their Autistic loved ones with little or no support from services. The barriers to communication, social issues, the lack of public support and the long term demands on what the future holds adds a further strain on families struggling to cope. The challenges bring out a deep and pure strength of survival in individuals with Autism where their lives revolve around ...

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Best tips on Autism - Author Sandy Howarth "No Matter What" Autism

Posted by Sandy Howarth on Thursday, April 29, 2010, In : Best tips on Autism 


The diagnosis of Autism is typically associated with
Difficulty with verbal and nonverbal communication
Lacking in social and emotional development
Lacking in imagination
Some further symptoms
Lacking or no eye contact
Insistence on routine
Over or under sensitive senses
Bizarre behaviour

To manage Autism
Learn to first accept Autism
Think positively and act positively. Learn to love your child unconditionally “No Matter What” the diagnosis is.
This is your child. A positive outlook will...

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Author of No Matter What

My book "No Matter What" takes a positive approach to understanding and dealing with Autism.