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We provide advice based on experience, research, attending seminars and workshops and access to the specialist education team at Cambian. We deal with each individual query confidentially, sympathetically - and quickly.

The National Autistic Society - Advice and information service  If you can't find the answer to your question on our website, or would prefer to speak to someone, you can join our online community, speak to one of our Autism Helpline advisors or use the Autism Helpline enquiry form. For more in-depth research, our Information Centre is here to help.

Autism Radio 

Autism Radio UK bringing you the best variety of music, interviews, live!

Autism question, advice please?

There are many parents on yahoo answers with autistic children and yes I am not ashamed of asking them for opinion!

Autism specific educational provision 

The Southern Education and Library Board has extended the range of provision for children and young people with ASD. The majority of children are educated in mainstream schools. Some require more specialist provision such as in ASD specific Learning Support Centres or in ASD classes in any one of the Board’s Special Schools.

Parents first for health by Great Ormond Street Hospital 

I work in a school with a four-year old boy who I think may be autistic. I am not sure whether he makes complete eye contact when spoken to. Sometimes he co

Parenting advice (understanding one mum's story)

The relief of having a "label "for her children’s behaviour... Could it be autism?

The Autism Trust 

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Campaigning/support groups, charities and information sites – listed alphabetically by condition/therapy - be a part of the solution 

As your son or daughter with Autism gets ready to commence school, it can be a tough time for both child and parent. We spend so much time being their advocate and what I like to think of as "life facilitator" (because we facilitate and orchestrate many areas of their lives!)that it can be very scary to share that role with a virtual stranger - their teacher.

Scottish Autism Service Network - Information Service: 

Please be aware that much of the information on this site is accessed from other websites, and although we endeavour to link to good quality information, it is essential that you assess information for yourself and remember that not everything on the internet is relevant to every individual.


Children with autism exhibit, to a greater or lesser degree, a Triad of Impairment, which is the defining characteristic of autism:

The Rotherham Parent Partnership Service  A S P E R G E R  S Y N D R O M E & A U T I S M  

Skills and Recreation for people with learning disabilities

The Ark is a day centre for people aged 18 upwards with learning disabilities, mental health, aspergers and autism. We aim to provide a warm, welcoming and relaxing atmosphere for the people who use the centre. The users of the adult day centre will be able to:

The Royal College of Psychiatrists

Autism and Asperger's syndrome: information for parents, carers and anyone who works with young people

HELP WITH Autism, Asperger's syndrome & related disorders 

Autism, Asperger's syndrome and PPD-NOS can dramatically affect a child's life, as well as that of their families, schools, friends and the wider community. This site provides help with over 350 fact sheets of autism-related information, with an emphasis on practical strategies, as many families cannot afford the more expensive interventions, or may be geographically isolated and cannot access autism support services.

NAS - SUPPORT FOR PEOPLE WITH AUTISM  We provide a number of services around the country for people with autism and Asperger syndrome

SupportLine - Problems  Autism / Aspergers - Agencies providing advice, support and information 

About Autism - Getting help

There are many times when we feel that this is one hell of an uphill struggle. Bringing up an autistic child has been a challenge for us, and we only have one. Our two 'normal' sons often cause more problems. There are many times when we face so much heartache, and depression becomes a factor that we really must reach out and look for some help.  

ASD - NHS Choices

Autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) are a range of related developmental disorders that begin in childhood and persist throughout adulthood.


Parenting is a difficult job, but a child with autism poses extra challenges. The following suggestions may help. See your doctor, autism professionals or autism associations for more information and advice. Remember that other parents of autistic children can be a gold-mine of tips and suggestions, so raise any issues you have at your support group