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Educating children with autism using principles of ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis)
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A practical source of information and teaching tips for working with your special learners since 2002
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PCI Education develops and distributes research-based special education resources that are designed and created specifically for students with special needs, learning differences, and students who are struggling learners. The unique products we provide are relevant and effective tools for:
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AUTISM TRAINING & SUPPORT Teaching children with differing levels of autism of all ages in both mainstream and special schools. A Headteacher of a Special School for two years and set up an Autism Resource Base within a mainstream primary school.

  • Multi-sensory approaches in learning
  • Creating accessible visual environments
  • Supporting children in managing their own behaviour
  • Teaching relaxation
  • Developing brain functioning through movement and exercise

Autism Resources  I always see people wearing all different types of ribbons or bracelets to support various organizations/ disease awareness, and I wondered what color is for what? It can be confusing. The colors of the awareness ribbons have a variety of meanings.

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